Sum Things Different

This week, a smaller 11×11 of the type they call ‘Something Different’ puzzles—Trip Payne is the master of these. If I remember correctly there’s an especially good one in this book, but I’m sure there are many other great out-there Paynes out there.

According to Ben Tausig’s American Values Club Crossword service: “According to Trip, ‘Something Different crosswords allow made-up entries that can be clued in any way. For example, the clue “Flowery poem about one 1980s fad” might lead to ODE ON A RUBIK’S CUBE; the clue “Like margarine” might lead to OLEOESQUE. Most Something Differents will include some real words as well, particularly among the shorter entries; these will be clued normally and are good places to start. Expect anything and keep your mind open!'”

In this case, I couched a regular, cutesy theme in a Som Diff.

Test out your chops online, on Across Lite, or print & solve.

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